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Measuring the Long Term

Dr. Jonas Salk, a pioneering medical researcher, once said that the most important question we can ask ourselves is, “Are we being good ancestors?” Looking out at the state of the current economic, social and environmental landscape today and envisaging some of the situations we are creating for future generations, it is hard to be […]

6 January 2015 - Future Justice

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Picture this … a Guardian for Future Generations

15 December 2014 - Future Justice

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How do we conceptualise the intersection between climate justice and future justice?

We are approaching an important 12 months in the global climate change negotiations. The Peruvian Government is currently hosting the COP20 from 1-12 December in Lima. This will pave the way for the COP21 next year in December in Paris. It is in this context that we feel the need to explore the connections between […]

8 December 2014 - Future Justice


Mary Robinson calls for Commissioner for Future Generations at COP20, Lima

On the occasion of ‘Young and Future Generations Day’ at COP20 (4 December), Mary Robinson, President of the Mary Robinson Foundation and former President of Ireland has made a strong statement in support of an institution to support for the principles of intergenerational equity. Remarking on the imperative for genuine action to bring the interests of future […]

5 December 2014 - Future Justice

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Yale conference

Environmental Governance – the nexus of rights, democracy and sustainability

Environmental harm is taking place at such a rate that it is undermining some basic human rights: rights to life, health, food, water and shelter. Meanwhile, measures to protect the environment and safeguard natural resources need to take into account human rights – particularly for those who depend so significantly on their local environment. This […]

10 September 2014 - Future Justice

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Hands Globe

The Sustainable Development Goals so far – reaction from the youth perspective

The process of deciding upon the replacement for the Millennium Development Goals has reached the end of its initial phase. The shape of the Sustainable Development Goals and targets are starting to emerge although the real negotiating is still to come, with another 12 months of intergovernmental negotiations ahead and further pronounced changes will be […]

29 July 2014 - Future Justice

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Introducing a Future Generations Bill in Wales

This week saw the introduction of a new Bill to the Welsh Government: “The Well-Being of Future Generations Bill” sets out the long-term plan for Wales and represents the continuation of what was formerly known as the Sustainable Development Bill. It sets out a framework for Wales to firmly plan for the future and places […]

8 July 2014 - Future Justice

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The Well-Being of Future Generations Bill

Today saw the introduction of a Welsh Bill for the long-term.  Formerly known as the Welsh Sustainable Development Bill it has been given a firm forward looking title and set of actions and is now the “Well-Being of Future Generations Bill.  The proposed Well-Being of Future Generations Bill is expected to become law in Spring 2015. […]

7 July 2014 - Future Justice

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Moderated Dialogue at the High Level Political Forum on “Ideas and trends that can shape the lives of present and future generations

The High Level Political Forum (HLPF) is convening its second meeting here in New York, and its first under the auspices of ECOSOC, running from 30 June until 9 July. On 1 July a moderated dialogue was held on the topic of “Ideas and trends that can shape the lives of present and future generations” […]

2 July 2014 - Future Justice


High Level Political Forum

Update ahead of the second meeting of the High Level Political Forum

18 June 2014 - Future Justice