Mary Robinson calls for Commissioner for Future Generations at COP20, Lima

On the occasion of ‘Young and Future Generations Day’ at COP20 (4 December), Mary Robinson, President of the Mary Robinson Foundation and former President of Ireland has made a strong statement in support of an institution to support for the principles of intergenerational equity. Remarking on the imperative for genuine action to bring the interests of future generations into the decisions of today, she calls to establish “a Commission or Commissioner for Future Generations at an International Level”.

“Young people and future generations matter” she said. “They hold a legitimate interest in the outcome of ongoing negotiations in both the climate and development processes. Their concerns extend beyond the lifetimes of the people negotiating the processes and yet those negotiations will ultimately determine whether the world in which they live out their lives offers opportunities in terms of quality of life, personal safety and equity.”  Mary Robinson’s new position as the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy on Climate Change gives her a strong position to enhance support for intergenerational equity and we welcome her interventions.

The full written statement is available on her website here.

Posted by Future Justice on 5 December 2014

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