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04 Jul 2013

Global Conference on Implementing Intergenerational Equity: Bringing Future Perspectives to the Status Quo

This high level two day conference (July 4th-5th) addressed the critical concept of intergenerational equity and considered how we can better safeguard the planet for future generations to enjoy and to allow them to live in prosperity and with dignity. Discussions reflected upon what new mechanisms & tools, based upon existing best practice, could more effectively take into account future generations.

Creative Commons Pierre Bédat Flickr

Creative Commons Pierre Bédat Flickr

We are made wise not by the recollection of our past but by the responsibility for our future.” George Bernard Shaw.

The two day conference, organised by the UN Environment Programme and the World Future Council, supported by the German Government was attended by leading thinkers, academics, human rights specialists, lawyers, civil society organisation representatives, senior UN officials, practitioners and youth representatives from around the world, with delegates from some Geneva based Missions.
Presentations and discussions were thoroughly constructive and positive, demonstrating the interest and momentum behind this issue.  All participants were in agreement, without exception, that an organization or institution such as a Guardian for Future Generations at all levels of governance would be important to ensure that the voices of future generations are brought to the table. Many look to the forthcoming UNSG report as a key tool to set out strong recommendations and drive forward clear, decisive action at all levels.
Please see the conference programme click here and click the following for the full conference synopsis.
Two keynote addresses were given via video to the conference participants. These are available below.


Professor Edith Brown Weiss from Future Justice on Vimeo.

Judge Weeramantry from Future Justice on Vimeo.

Powerpoint presentations and handouts that were used by the panel are available here:

Carolyn Raffensperger from the session titled: “The meaning of intergenerational equity”  link

Axel Gosseries from the session titled: “The meaning of intergenerational equity” Link

Dr Marcel Szabó presentation 1 from the session titled: “Creating fair conditions for future generations: the practical examples.” link &  2 from the session titled: “Correcting shortcomings in Global Governance” link

Peter Davies from the session titled: “Creating fair conditions for future generations: the practical examples” link

Dr Sándor Fülöp from the session titled: “Establishing Ombudspersons for Future Generations as proven institutions to help implement intergenerational equity” link

Jan van de Venis from the session titled: “Correcting shortcomings in Global Governance” link

Short statements from conference participants are available to watch on our Voices wall (latest additions are at the top right) and on our Facebook page.

Please contact Chris Bradford for any further information.

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