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Intervention from the World Future Council during the Eighth session of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals at the UN

WFC Future Justice Director, Catherine Pearce gave an intervention during the Co-Chairs meeting with representatives of Major Groups and other stakeholders, to discuss “Conflict prevention, post-conflict peacebuilding and promotion of durable peace, rule of law and governance”. The intervention focuses upon the importance of embedding intergenerational justice if we are to meet our sustainability challenges, […]

7 February 2014


“A Dedicated Representative of Future Generations”-Judge C.G.Weeramantry calls for the UN to provide leadership

“A significant omission in most legal systems is their lack of adequate concepts, procedures and institutions to protect the rights of future generations.  Concentration on the rights of the present obscures their view of the rights of those who are unable to stand up for themselves when their rights are being denigrated. The present generation […]

9 October 2013


Conference Outcomes – Implementing Intergenerational Equity: Bringing Future Perspectives to the Status Quo, 4 & 5 July

“We are made wise not by the recollection of our past but by the responsibility for our future.” George Bernard Shaw.  The two day conference, organised by the UN Environment Programme and the World Future Council, supported by the German Government was attended by leading philosophers, academics, human rights specialists, lawyers, civil society organisation representatives, senior UN […]

10 July 2013

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WFC & UNEP conference

Global Conference on Implementing Intergenerational Equity: Bringing Future Perspectives to the Status Quo This high level two day conference (July 4th-5th) will address the critical concept of intergenerational equity and consider how we can better safeguard the planet for future generations to enjoy and to allow them to live in prosperity and with dignity. Discussions […]

10 June 2013


Joint signatory letter sent to Ban Ki-moon

The UN Secretary General is due to present a report to the General Assembly this summer on future generations and intergenerational solidarity, which was one of the decisions made at Rio+20 last year.

10 May 2013


Watch Live! Expert Panel on Intergenerational Solidarity

Send your questions and comments to the Expert Panel on Intergenerational Solidarity
and watch it live here:

8 May 2013