Who we are

Welcome to Future Justice

treeDecisions taken by politicians today will have a major influence on the world of tomorrow. But generations yet to be born cannot stand up for their rights. It is therefore our duty and responsibility to ensure the survival of both present and future generations.

The World Future Council has set up this Future Justice Commission with the goal of analyzing and exposing the long-term effects of our decisions today and connecting current problem-solving with a long term perspective. For this, we work from an integrated perspective, highlighting the connections between human rights and security, ecological integrity, social equity and peaceful relations.

Our relationship to the World Future Council and its policies

The Future Justice Commission is part of the World Future Council.

The World Future Council (WFC) consists of 50 respected personalities from all five continents. They represent governments, parliaments, the arts, civil society, academia and the business world. Together they form a voice for the rights of future generations. The World Future Council is a charitable foundation reliant on donations.

We make politicians aware that they have an ethical responsibility to assess every decision-making process on the basis of how it will affect future generations. In close collaboration with civil society groups, members of parliament, governments, businesses and international organisations we research future just policies and legislation. We then advise political decision-makers, offer them tried and tested courses of action and support them in the concrete implementation of new policies.

As an independent non-profit organisation with no interest in short-term profit or prestige, autonomous from governmental and institutional interests, our organisation enjoys the highest level of credibility in its political advocacy.

To identify holistic solutions on a wide range of issues and to enable the application of these solutions, the WFC has created the following programmes:

Future Policy Award

The Future Policy Award celebrates policies that create better living conditions for current and future generations. The aim of the award is to raise global awareness for these exemplary policies and speed up policy action towards just, sustainable and peaceful societies. The Future Policy Award is the first award that celebrates policies rather than people on an international level. Each year the World Future Council chooses one topic on which policy progress is particularly urgent.

Learn more about the Future Policy award on the World Future Council website.

Climate and Energy

The WFC Commission on Climate and Energy addresses the question of how legislators can enable a rapid shift to a renewable energy-powered economy, in order to overcome the serious gaps in policy action and implementation. It focuses on Renewable Energy, Cities and Climate Finance.

Learn more about the Climate and Energy policy on the World Future Council website.

Sustainable Ecosystems

After the WFC Future Policy Award on Food Security in 2009, Biodiversity in 2010, Forests in 2011 and Oceans and Coasts in 2012, we are holding parliamentary hearings to raise awareness, share lessons learnt and spread best practice policies among legislators on these aspects of sustainable ecosystems.

Learn more about Sustainable Ecosystems on the World Future Council website.

Sustainable Economies

Sustainable Economies is working towards creating  a sustainable, just and diverse economic and financial system that serves the well-being of humans and the environment. A new financial system is vital for a new economy where the global challenges – increasing poverty, climate change and deterioration of natural resources – can be equally managed.

Learn more about Sustainable Ecosystems on the World Future Council website.

Peace and Disarmament

The WFC Disarmament Working Group unites experts from around the world, working to neutralize the existential threat nuclear weapons pose, so that future generations can enjoy their right to life, liberty and security.

Learn more about Peace and Disarmament on the World Future Council website.

Food Security

The Future Policy Award 2009 celebrated successful policies for Food Security and the Human Right to Food. These identified policies create fair and sustainable food systems and are being spread around the world.

Learn more about Food Security on the World Future Council website.

Visit the World Future Council website to read more or learn more about Future Justice on this website by reading the Future Justice Commission page.